Friday, July 22, 2011

Quilts in Space

I am so way behind the times here BUT...I am happy to say that I just discovered the beauty of the Space Bag. One huge quilt, a woven blanket, a dust ruffle and a pillow neatly suctioned into a bag to fit under our bed. I kinda geeked out with it. I would Space Bag my whole world if they were less expensive. I am trying to get organized in the house and I really need more room...but alas the Space Bag will have to suffice. My original plan was to get Space Bags for packing our suitcase with orphanage donations (when the time comes). Flatten those suckers out and I can fit a boatload of clothes in a tiny suitcase. I'm pretty excited about that. Yes, I am geeking out (did you not see that I said that before?). Anyway, here's to the Space Bag technology...hip hip hooray!! Hip, hip hooray!!



  1. Thanks for the Space Bag shout out! Glad we're able to help you store extra blankets and linens. Just wanted to let you know Space Bag has an online community called Space Savers that is dedicated to helping people save space and organize their belongings. Members of the community also get a special discount on Space Bag products. Feel free to visit to take advantage of exclusive offers and get packing tips for when you head to the orphanage.

    Best wishes,
    Space Savers correspondent

  2. Thanks Space Savers! How about hittin' me up with some freebies for the shout out! ;) We will be taking a lot of donations to the orphanage and the bags will help (so we will have room for our stuff!)