Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rainy Days

I love rainy days. I am most happy when I am around rain (unless I am driving on the Interstate). I love waking to the rain the most, followed by reading on the couch during the rain, taking a bath during the rain, snuggling with my sweetie under an umbrella in the rain...I guess I could go on. I have many happy childhood memories associated with rain. My grandmother let me play in the backyard with her umbrella when it rained. I pretended I was a girl lost on the streets on London huddling under a tree to wait out the storm. My cousin and I made boats with leaves and sent them down tiny rivers of rain to the bottom of the hill. My brothers and sister and I ran around outside in our underwear in the rain- shaking the water from the trees on to our heads like a chilly shower from nature. Not a care in the world. Playing in the rain is so much fun. I can't wait for my little one to experience this little treasure in life.

Since I love rain so much I am also captivated by images associated with rain and movies that have rain in them. Rain movies always give me chills. I love it.

Anyway, there's rain outside now- and thunder. I couldn't be happier.


P.S. I found this image on another blog. Isn't it beautiful?

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