Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 2

I finally fell asleep and got some good rest. I think we woke up around 9:00. The Mister was already awake and may have been awake for awhile. I'm not sure. The sky outside is very grey and the snow is just now starting to melt leaving things a bit muddy. It doesn't feel very cold unless you are hit by a gust of wind. We walked over to the mall (Trade Center) next door and had some lunch at the cafe. I had a pot of tea and we shared some hashbrowns and a pizza. We then walked around looking in some very expensive shoe stores. We bought some Russian toys and some gloves for our girl. We also bought some water and snacks (meaning cookies and candy). We are now back at the hotel waiting in the lobby until 5:00 when our driver arrives to take us to the train station. It is now 2:25 so we have a bit of a wait. It's hard to imagine that tomorrow night we will be together as a family :)



  1. Thinking of you and your happy reunion - big kisses to the Bee-autiful Ellie Cate!

  2. My stomach just did a few flips! I'm so excited for you!! Safe travels and hugs to EC!

  3. It will be the best night ever!!!!!