Thursday, March 15, 2012

Windy and Chilly - Day One in Moscow

Hello from Moscow!! Surprisingly the train ride went really smoothly. E was asleep pretty quickly (probably around 9:00-9:30) and slept in daddy’s lap for a long time before mama put her in the bed. We then took turns napping (mama slept way more than papa) and watching her to make sure she didn’t fall off the bed…and to make sure she was breathing and not waking up at all the train stops and departures. She slept until about 4:30 a.m. which was pretty good as we needed to be up and moving by 6:00 for our 6:30 arrival. D.C. Dmitry (there are so many people with the same name) helped us with our bags from the train and drove us to the hotel. We were to meet with doctor at 7:00 and we arrived right at 7:00. The front desk said that we would have to wait an hour for a room (so much for requesting early check in). As we were standing at the desk the doctor walked up. We told him that we would have to wait. He then talked to the front desk and suddenly we had a room! He said he had to be at the hospital in an hour so we needed to hurry. He looked at E for all of 5 minutes htyt667788669outr55y778 (E’s blog contribution) before saying she was tall and very healthy. Uhhh…anyway, it’s basically just another hurdle. Papa took a nap and mama played with E. After an hour or so the phone rang and someone named Inna said she was here with the Embassy paperwork for us to fill out. Luckily, we were here because no one told us about this appointment. Papa went down and filled out papers while mama stayed with E. It took about 45 minutes or so. After that we ate muffins and E had yogurt (the only food she will eat) and juice. We then took a LONG family nap for a few hours. It was much needed and we were all piled on the bed as a family. It was awesome. After our nap papa ran some errands and determined it was too cold to take E outside. There is a light snow and it is quite windy. We then went downstairs for lunch and came back to our room where we are now playing with toys.
E has been a very very good girl. At times she gets sad and mama and papa tell her it’s okay to be sad and we know she misses her friends. We cuddle her and rock her and let her cry. She often won’t let us put her down and she freaks out when people leave or strangers come in. She also hates change and of course right now as soon as we get her comfortable we pack up and leave to go somewhere else. She cries for a while in every new place. She loves her toys and she loves to be tickled. She has the best laugh ever. She has a book of words that includes a chair, table and lamp and when we read it she points out the chair, table and lamps in the room.
Tomorrow morning we go to the Embassy for our interviews and to get E’s passport. She’s not going to like leaving the hotel, the car or the Embassy. I will be so happy when we settled into our home.
It is now 7:38 and I still haven’t showered. I’m off to get clean.
Two more days until the big travel.
Love always,
~Mama, Papa, and E
P.S. Thank you for your kind comments and advice. Keep em' coming!!


  1. Wow .. amazing actually.

    We are so happy to hear how everything is going. So happy to hear that she is adjusting so well. All little ones cry, all little ones get cranky and Most important ALL LITTLE ONES, LOVE TO BE LOVED !!!

    Stay safe, we can't wait for you to get home and to be able to meet the newest addition.

  2. I have LOVED following your entries!
    Actually I had a feeling there might be a couple of new ones and I was hoping they were long so made myself a coffee first to sit down and read them quietly :)
    am now smiling ear to ear ... so happy for you all!