Monday, March 26, 2012

YUM YUM and an Awfully Good Day

We added squished up navy beans to the diet today. So now she eats the following: blueberry yogurt, mashed potatoes, squished navy beans and apple juice. The list of foods we tried would fill this blog. She also ate a little sweet potatoes yesterday. She didn't like them a lot but we will try again.

We let her sleep a little longer today. I think we were getting her up before she was ready all week. We couldn't help it. We wanted to play! Anyway, we didn't get her up until she sat up and she was in a great mood today. She and mama swept the house. She had her little broom and got in the low spots behind the high chair and what not. She had sticker time with papa. She played with Aunt J in the playhouse (thank you Aunt J for the shoes! I'm still wearing them!). She took a wagon ride in the backyard, she slept on papa at nap time...and had two which was a green giant blowout (TMI). She spent most of the day in her little gnome skirt that her friend Valeriya made. She's so cute. So sweet. So smart. We still can't believe she is here. We still can't believe how lucky we are to have her as our daughter. I can speak for myself when I say I have to pinch myself a lot to make sure this isn't a beautiful dream.



  1. SO glad things are going well. Don't forget to try water play with bowls and cups. It helped Vera. She SCREAMED as if she was getting her limbs ripped off one by one in the tub. After three days of water play, I filled the tub with a couple of inches of water, and brought in the cups we played with in the bowls.. after that it was a LOVE and I mean LOVE for bathtime. The girl can take two baths a day if she had a choice!

    1. Water play is a great idea. SB loves it when we gather lots of different size and shapes of plastic containers and a big pitcher of water. We usually have to refill the pitcher a couple times and she gets soaked enough to be considered clean :) Backyard baths with sprinklers or a kiddy pool might also get her more interested in the tub.

  2. An awfully good day is awfully great news!!!