Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Snow Storm was Amazing...but there are more AMAZING things...

Last night I was laying in bed rocking my baby in my arms until she fell asleep on my shoulder. I was trying to cry quietly so I didn't wake her. My hair and pillow were wet with the tears of happiness. :)
I am now quickly writing this entry while daddy reads a book to E while she is humming a little song. He is now singing the ABCs. Life is golden.
We spent the morning after our arrival going to several different government offices (the court, the registry, one other office and the immigration office). At 2:00 we took a long walk through the slushy roads with Inna and Dima and bought diapers and a sweater for E and two cakes as gifts for the orphanage. At 4:00 we took a taxi to the orphanage to see our girl. We stayed and played for a little while. I hugged her little friends. At 5:00 I fed her some dinner. We asked the caregivers if we could keep her outfit as a keepsake, and although they looked at us like we were crazy and asked us why we wanted old clothes, they agreed and we traded three new outfits and two pairs of shoes. We then added pants to what she was wearing and a sweater, hat, scarf and gloves and left the orphanage. On our way out we stopped in the lobby to wait for the taxi. E was scared and started to whimper. Mama held her tight in her arms (mama was crying more than E). On the way to the hotel in the Taxi E was looking at cars and playing with Inna. She was very quiet and scared. When we got to the hotel we spent hours playing with E. She said her first English word...CHAIR! She has since said BEE and DOG.
At 9:00 we turned down the lights and I rocked her in my arms while laying down until she fell asleep on top of me. She woke up crying at 1:00 and Daddy stayed up with her for a few hours. We then put her back in bed where she cried for about 2 minutes before falling asleep on mama. This morning we went down to breakfast. She doesn't want to eat just yet but she finally drank some juice (and lots of it). We then came back to our room and played. After awhile Daddy took a nap while mama played with E. At one point she came running and jumped in my arms and laid arcoss my lap. I rubbed her back and then...surprise I realized she was asleep. Daddy picked her up after he woke up a few minutes later. Mama's feet were asleep. Eand I got in bed and she slept for 2 hours on my chest. She usually takes a three hour nap so I am hoping this means that she will sleep on the train. I am also hoping she will eat soon. I want my baby to eat! She doesn't want her oatmeal and thinks all the snacks are toys...daddy is trying to get her to eat some cheddar bunnies, oatmeal or apple snacks...but she is having no part of it. At least she is drinking juice.
Today we leave at 4:15 to get E's passport and catch the overnight train to Moscow. Wish us luck. It is now about 2:00.
Sending love across the sea...
~Mama, Papa and E
P.S. while Papa was asleep mama and E watched an amazing snow storm


  1. I am crying with joy for you and your beautiful family. Safe travels to you! And much, much love to you in your first moments as parents.

  2. I am so happy for you all. Your next chapter in life has begun, and with such an amazing journey.

    Cherish every moment, savor every second.

    Life flies by at warp speed with little ones in your life. One day they NEED you to hold them, then before you know it, they WANT you to put them down. Soon they will ASK you to back up and let them do it on their own. BUT .. no matter how much time passes, they will always KNOW that your arms are there for them. To hold them, to comfort them, to console them.

    To be a parent is an amazing feeling - but - to be a "mama & papa" is the greatest gift in the world.

    Wishing you a safe journey home, with lots of love.


  3. Yay!!! So glad your are all together!!!

    Vera was just a month younger then Ellie so maybe some of what we experienced might be helpful...

    First, she was the same way, she did not want to eat anything, with the exception of puffs). She drank lots of juice and even sipped water from my water bottle. I was able to get her to eat some baby food. At her orphanage their food was always soft and mooshy. When we got home I made and still do, make her oatmeal a bit on the thin/runny side.

    Second, you will simply be floored at how quick she will begin to understand english. It's like amazing! The words will also come and at 6 months home... I'm simply amazed each day at Vera and her ability to catch on and up with other kids.

    Last.... If you have any questions.... You know where to find me!


  4. Happy first days together - don't worry too much, she will eat soon. Looking forward to knowing that you are home - then you can all relax even more.


  5. Yay! I am so happy for you. Wishing you a safe trip and a smooth transition to life at home. I know you're going to be wonderful parents. Ellie sounds like a beautiful child and a true blessing. Take care.