Monday, March 5, 2012

My First...

My mom said a few weeks ago "You know, she will be home for Easter. When you were little Easter was your favorite holiday." It's true. I loved the Easter bunny, dying eggs, hunting eggs and hiding eggs. I loved the food, the candy and the family all being together. We also had a family tradition (after rummaging through our baskets of candy) of looking for bunny tracks. We each had a big stick and if we found bunny tracks we'd draw a circle around them with the stick. Great memories. My mom got me excited about my FIRST EASTER AS A MOMMY. I want E to have all the joys that I did. This weekend I went shopping for all the Easter goodies and decorations since we may be cocooning with E until Easter...and I don't want to leave her to shop. I had the best time and spent WAY too much. I love all of the bunnies and pastels and chicks and EVERYTHING! We're going to have a great Easter. I really can't wait. I am a mama.


*on a more difficult note, some of you may know that my mom has been sick for a few weeks now. Please keep her in your warm thoughts so that she gets better soon. Thank you.

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  1. Perfect! I'm so excited for you. And I hope your mom gets better so she can fully enjoy her grandaughter!